"Eyes on the World"

Submissions Due: Friday, Dec. 23, 2017

The world we live in is a complicated place filled with tragic events, natural disasters, social issues, and complex political topics. Much of the world’s greatest art has come out of a reaction to current events. The Parliament is requesting that artists submit work that is inspired by a recent event.

2018 Gallery Show Line Up

Eyes on the World - Jan. 1-Feb. 12

Art inspired by the news and information we ingest and the social issues around us on a daily basis.

Submissions due: Dec. 23, 2017

Street Art - Feb. 16-April 2

Muralists from all over South Central PA convened in Downtown York, PA to change the aesthetics of Royal Square District. Their work varies from fine art to graphic design, wood working to shoe design, hand lettering to stencil projects but they each brought vibrancy to the walls they painted. Join us as we highlight their individual work outside of murals, 

Please join us February 16th at our opening reception to see the works of Andi Simpson, Megan Caruso, Jeff Copus, Dizz Gavins, and Chelsea Foster.

Artist + Poet Collaboration - April 6-May 14

Artists and poets are paired together to create as one.

Submissions due: March 18

Street Finds - May 18-July 2

Uncommon items found along alleys, streets, roads and highways. 

Submissions due: April 29



Juried Show- July 6-Aug. 11

Stay tuned for more info.

Submissions due: June 17

Single-Use Plastics - Aug. 17-Oct. 1

As we consume plastic daily, we discard it equally so. Let's find a new purpose for this over-consumption. Beyond serving a myriad of uses at home, plastics are also being utilized in innovative ways to inspire positive change in the way we look at our earth and environment. A growing number of artists using plastic waste to not only create art, but more significantly, to create awareness of the importance of plastic recycling. The Parliament is requesting that artists submit their work.

Submissions due: July 29

The Day I Tried to Live - Oct. 5-Nov. 12

Artwork by and/or inspired by survivors of suicide.

Submissions due: Sept. 16

Multicultural Holiday - Nov. 16-Dec. 31

It's a multicultural holiday show! Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Kwanzaa and more!

Submissions due: Oct. 28