The Parliament ARts Organization


Our MISSION                    

The Parliament Arts Organization advances the social & economic revitalization of the York Metro Area by providing professional development and event programming for creatives & cultural venues.


In 2010, the tenants of 116 East King Street had the idea to turn their townhouse into a community art space. In just one year, The Parliament Arts Organization’s art shows began to draw the masses, filling the block with excitement and energy.

The Parliament Arts Organization (Parliament) quickly became York’s advocate for talented, yet overlooked, creative professionals. Energy had filled the block, and vacant offices and storefronts on the 100 block of E. King Street rapidly transformed into artists’ studios, galleries and boutiques. The Parliament has grown to a 501(c)3 Non Profit organization with an annual budget of  $200,000 a year in 2016.     

The Parliament’s revitalization efforts have resulted in the following accomplishments::                                             

  • Event Collaboration - Parliament has produced several large-scale events such as our annual Spring Forward fashion & art event. Our marketing efforts for this event reached over 266,000 people. 450 people purchased tickets and the event raised over $18,000 for Parliament’s community outreach and artist development programs. Their bi-monthly gallery exhibits alone draw in an estimated 3,500 people per year. The Parliament in its lifetime has produced 75+ gallery shows, 4 documentary premieres, 10 concerts, and 15 collaborative multimedia events. 

  • Affordable Venue for Artists to Grow - The Parliament has lead the way in working with real estate developers and property owners to restructure their commercial tenant leases in Downtown York to be more flexible and artist friendly. Through our efforts we have successfully planted 30 artists into Downtown York to operate and establish their creative businesses.    

  • Public Art-Student Collaboration - The Parliament’s Pop Up Gallery initiative has worked with various artists to bring vacant storefronts to life. Parliament has worked with artists of all ages from 9 different school districts and York College to transform over 200 concrete parking space bumper blocks throughout the city in the past 12 months. The Parliament has also partnered with York College and local artist, Erbin Rivera, to design a community mural in the Royal Square District to be realized and revealed in the Spring of 2016. 

  • Community Philanthropist - Parliament continues to host fundraisers for the Reid Menzer Memorial Skatepark. In October 2015, we hosted  the 4th annual Decked Out fundraising event in collaboration with 6 other Central PA art galleries. The most recent event drew 700 people and raised over $8,000.00 for youth activities and the arts in Central Pa.

  • Economic Development Catalyst - Parliament has helped to draw and promote over seventeen new businesses that have established locations in the Royal Square District. This development has attracted thousands of new visitors to Downtown York.  

Our Team


Alexandra Dwyer

Our Executive Director, Alexandra, has been facilitating the personal expression of creativity and the performing arts since high school. Those early experiences booking bands led to a stint in artist development and promotion at some of the biggest labels in the industry: EMI, Capitol Records, Blue Note Records, Virgin Records and Universal Motown. In 2011, she founded The Parliament, in the heart of Royal Square. Her work at The Parliament has helped springboard the careers of a new generation of creatives. 

Stacy McClain

Our Programs Director, Stacy, has always had a strong interest in the Arts and anything creative. While attending The Art Institute of York-Pennsylvania for Graphic Design, she was able to intern with the Department of Economic & Community Development at City Hall, focusing on Marketing/Graphic Design. During her internship she developed a love for York City that has only grown since. 


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Our Artists


Diemo is two passionate filmmakers on the endless hunt for the unseen and unheard. Your lives, your passions, and your ideas are their opportunity to reveal the cinematic details of a reality in constant motion. Check them out here.


Chelsea Foster

Chelsea is a graphic designer and photographer.

As a designer she thrives on bright colors and geometric shapes. She aims to figure out the best way to visually communicate in the simplest forms possible.

Chelsea's photography focuses on unique compositions and capturing natural light. Weather permitting, she shoots all of her sessions in the great outdoors.

Check out her work here.

Kimberly Hull

Kimberly is an oil painter and has been from the moment she began painting with oil her junior year of college. She holds a degree in studio art from the University of Maryland. Primarily a Still Life painter, she also enjoys painting dogs. After living in Key West, Florida, for two years she is now happy to call York, Pennsylvania her home. 


116 East King Street York PA 17401 . 717-801-1760 . .  Tuesday - Saturday 11a - 7p, Sunday 12a - 6p