About Us

Who We Are:

 The Parliament is a non-profit community arts collective making a positive impact in York city. We market, place and represent a growing number of emerging local artists and continue to build on our mission of revitalizing the arts in the community. We open our doors new show each month and offer unique opportunity for emerging artists to display their artwork in a professional gallery setting and gain exposure to a large central PA audience.

For over 2 years we have worked hard to create a gathering space for artists, merchants, musicians, poets and business people to join together, share ideas and build new relationships. Our gallery also provides studio space for eight artists who benefit from the unique shows and the diverse audience we attract.

Our Board of Directors

President Mark Broomell | Vice President Alexandra Dwyer

Acting Secretary Gregory Timmons | Director Missi Mclaren

Treasurer Josh Hankey | Gallery Director Rita King

What’s the deal with the owl?

The Owl directly correlates with our name The Parliament. A Parliament is simply a group of owls. In Native-American folklore owls represent helpfulness, and wisdom, two characteristics we strive to inflict through our actions as an organization. This theme associated with owls also continues in Greek mythology. Athena, the goddess of wisdom adored owls, and had one accompanying her on her shoulder which revealed unseen truths to her. The owl was a symbol of protection and honesty, displayed on Greek currency and flying above the Greek armies.