Alexandra Dwyer is driven to transform communities. In 2009, she began by hosting art shows in a vacant neighborhood in York City. In 2010, to showcase the growing consortium of artists, she launched The Parliament Arts Organization. Soon the neighborhood, now known as Royal Square, exploded with talent and energy. 

In 2012, Alexandra became a partner at Royal Square Development & Construction, and in 2014, she founded Oliver & Co., a retail development incubator. Identifying gaps in York City’s retail and food & beverage market, she attracted 17 new businesses to the area, creating 120 new jobs. To fill the remaining gaps, Alexandra created two retail stores as entrepreneurial launching pads, filling them quickly with
71 vendors. 

Early on Alexandra honed her abilities promoting labels like Universal Motown and Capitol Records and managing tours for the likes of Coldplay. Observing the need for economic development in her travels, she returned to York City to be an agent for change. 

Alexandra is guided by research-based redevelopment plans and her intuitive business sense. As a fundraiser, promoter, and strategic leader, she has a unique ability to galvanize the community to achieve significant progress. She is passionate about producing sustainable, viable economic activity and retaining the talent of the next generation by fostering a thriving urban center