What: Spring Forward: Fashion Meets Art event to benefit The Parliament, a non-profit arts organization. A ticketed evening event with food, drink, music, art, and fashion.

When: Saturday May 16th- The event itself is 6:30-9:30 However please arrive according to the schedule below. It's very important to keep the schedule below so that everyone is ready in time. 

Where: the event is at the Bond Wedding and Events Venue (134 E. King St. York PA 17401). Please report to the other half of that same building at The Union Shared Workspace (110 S. Queen St. York PA 17403). Enter off of the corner lot at King & Queen Streets, enter in the left doorway. You can park in that lot but will be asked to move your cars after 5pm (we'll tell you where). 

What you need to know: This is the release party for our 2015 Spring Look Book which features looks from different downtown merchants and art from local artists.  It is also a major fundraiser for the organization where people get dressed up and come out for a fun night.

For the event, we'll be recreating these looks in little vignettes created by the JDK group. So some of you will be standing near a motorcycle (!), some will be in front of a wall of fresh flowers, etc. We will also give you information on your look 

You will be expected to be on your feet for 3 hours during the event. The idea here is that you're stuck in a "scene" and standing relatively still in the same sort of pose. We will do our best to feed you generously beforehand so that you have enough energy and we will likely build in 2 or 3 walks around the room so that you can move your limbs a bit and don't get frozen solid. 

There will be a lot of waiting around time so we appreciate your patience. Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled hair/makeup times (see below). Bring ipads, books, cell phones, etc to keep yourself busy. We'll have food and a comfy place to sit while you wait.

This is a professional event. You'll be working with professional creative stylists, makeup artists, hair stylists, event planners, photographers, and creative teams. Please act accordingly- do not eat or drink in your outfits (as they are on loan) and be careful with deodorant/makeup. The items should be in sellable condition when you are finished wearing them.

How to arrive: Please arrive with your hair clean and dry but not "done" with any product or anything. Please arrive with a clean makeup-free face (moisturizer is fine but no color).

What to bring: Nude bra, nude undies. Black & nude heels that fit you (If you have them. If not, let us know). Magazines, ipads, books, cell phones, etc to keep yourself busy if you have to wait around. 

Schedule: Arrive 15 minutes before your time below at 110 S. Queen St. York PA 17403, left entrance. When you arrive, you may jump right into hair/makeup, or we may first have you try on your outfit.

11:45am- Garrett Wright (hair stylist) arrives

2 Window Models to be worked into hair when time allows

Hair- Rachel

Hair- Katie

1:00pm- Maggie King Makeup team arrives

1:00pm- Pretzel trays, fruit trays, veggie trays arrive at latest

Hair- Evy
Makeup- Katie
Makeup- Rachel

Hair- Elandra
Makeup- Angie

Hair- Toni
Makeup- Evy

Hair- Angie
Makeup- Seren

4:00pm- Hilary Arthur (Stylist) arrives

Hair- Seren
Makeup- Sarah

5:00pm- Food delivery for models

Hair- Sarah
Makeup- Randi
Makeup- Window #2

5:55pm- Run through in event space, girls learn about what they're wearing and their art

6:10pm- All girls in hair and makeup and dressed

6:25pm- Girls in places in their vignettes

6:30pm- Start of the event

8:15pm- Temple Guard performs

9:30pm- Event ends

9:31pm- Girls go back to hair/makeup side, return jewelry, return clothing before eating/drinking


We appreciate you taking the time out of your day for this unpaid job- we consider it a generous donation to our organization and literally couldn't have done this event without you. Please consider inviting your friends and families to see you model- they can buy tickets here: 

Have them use the code "royalsquare" to discount their tickets down to $25! There are a limited quantity of these discount tickets, so they should act fast! It will be a really awesome night with some great food and drink. 

Day of contact: 
Before 2:00- Allison Given, 717-873-0270 
After 2:00- Stacy McClain, 717-525-2145 or Cooper Millholland, 703-609-2282