Waste not, want not 

Show dates: Aug.3 - Sept.6

Submissions due: July 27

As we use materials daily, we discard them equally so. Let's find a new purpose for this over-consumption. Beyond serving a myriad of uses at home, recyclable materials are also being utilized in innovative ways to inspire positive change in the way we look at our earth and environment. A growing number of artists using glass, cardboard, aluminum, plastics, and other recyclable materials to not only create art, but more significantly, to create awareness of the importance of recycling.

Please send the following information to Collin Holder at collin@parliamentyork.org.

- Full name, address, and phone number

- Up to 10 images that clearly depict the artwork.

- Pricing for each piece.

- Artist statement that describes your submitted work.

All entries MUST be received on or before July 27. Artists will be notified of acceptance on July 28.

Upon acceptance, artwork will be due to the gallery by August 1. Additional drop off hours can be arranged if needed.

Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Friday 10-5, Saturday 10-3

Waste Not, Want Not opening reception: Aug. 3, 5-9