Our Artist in Residency program offers studio spaces to artists looking to practice their art and interact with their community. The Parliament Arts Organization offers four artist studios that are currently being utilized by a wonderful group of creatives. Get to know each of them and learn more about how you can interact and learn from each of them.



Apparel Line | Advocate

A Black-Owned Woman-Owned original handmade apparel business geared towards empowering people of color at an affordable price. Our mission is to get support to people of color of all ages. The more successful support we can give back to ourselves, the better educated we will be to keep us united and empowered, despite the efforts to keep us oppressed. Love, Support, and Positive Vibes are everything Insatiable Melanin stands for!


Photographer | Model | Art Director

Brittany “Brittany Nicole” Dorm, born in York, PA, started modeling at a young age. Landing the cover of Child Magazine with her father in 1999, she was kind of “born into it”. She was signed to the Wilhelmina Models Agency and got the opportunity to model for such brands as The Bon Ton, Strawbridge & Clothier, Macy’s, and more. Upon being on sets, Brittany learned to appreciate the aspects of being behind the scenes and developed a love for the camera. She was given her first film camera in the 5th grade, where she started with pictures of nature, animals & food (before Instagram existed). Her experience with modeling has given her an advantage in photography, as she is aware of what it takes to get the shot and knows what will sell the product.


CoCo Shantelle

Singer | Songwriter | Host

CoCo Shantelle is a PA native and independent performing artist. As a singer/songwriter and host, she has captured listeners from her hometown and in 9 different countries. With a career including co-writing with other artists, singing background vocals, and features on the albums/EPs of other artists. She discovered her love of music at the early age of 5, through singing in concert choirs all through her educational career. CoCo Shantelle wants people to listen to her music to not only enjoy the melodies and vibrations but relate to the words.

Pluto Mas

Artist | Digital Artist | Apparel Designer

Amasa Sweeney is the founder, owner and sole operator of Pluto Mas. As the artist behind the brand, he designs graphic apparel and reenvisioned retro products. Some products are vintage jackets and radios and has appeared numerous pop ups from Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania,up to New Jersey, out in Las Vegas and the District of Colombia. Through his art, he aims to ignite the creativity in others while delivering positive messages. In 2020 he rediscovered his passion for art and experienced how it significantly helped him improve his mental health. With this knowledge, he decided to share his talents with the world. Amasa, draws inspiration from nature as he loves to draw while out on trails, the beach or simply on a sunny day. He is also inspired by nostalgic anime and Hip Hop. Yet his biggest inspiration is his son, Amasa Jr. Based in Central Pennsylvania, he is currently an artist-in-residence at the Parliament Arts Organization in York Pa growing his expertise in his field.


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