"Old & New" March / April Exhibition

Show runs until 4/28/15

Opening Day Reception 3/04/15 5 – 9 pm.

The Parliament

116 E King St, York, PA

Gallery Hours:

Tuesday – Saturday 11 am – 7pm

Sunday 12 pm – 6pm


The Parliament is back in business, and we’ve added a bubble tea bar! Please note our new gallery hours above, and stop by to see our “Old & New” show and grab a signature bubble tea drink!

For our Grand Reopening show, The Parliament asked artists to create work inspired by a mix of old and new. This show features art that explores “then,” “now,” and the spaces that they cohabit. Call it a nod to where we’ve come from, where we are now, and where we’re headed.


After receiving an overwhelming amount of submissions, we’ve selected work from just over twenty-five artists. Our selected artists have found incredibly diverse ways to express the show’s theme of old and new. Dainty illustrations of mystical women are shown alongside playful digital renderings of tribal figures playing ping-pong. The media in which artists have worked is just as diverse, including painting, mixed media, digital art, photography, drawing, and sculpture. Many of the pieces depict people or places pulled from the artist’s memory.


When one walks along the gallery walls to visit these pieces, each work takes the viewer to a world that the artist has created. The viewer gets a glimpse of the artist’s personal memories, which then transport the viewer to their own memories. This show is certainly not one to miss. With so many works on display, everyone is bound to find a favorite or two.

Artists: Kayla Ackelson /Jacqueline M. Boileau / Lynda Bostrom / Vivian Calderon / Tanya Cohen / Chelsea Crossett / Michael Crossett / Sam Deveny / Mike Egan / Jordan Fust / Katherine Gagnon / Caitlin Herrschaft / Mark Johnsen / Daniel Kalbach / Noel Kalmus / Amelia Langord / Jason Langheine / Anna Millholland / Matt Nelson / Cassie O’ Neal / Elaina Posey / Darin Potts / Emma Cate Robertson / Maggie Russel / Desiree Warren / Samuel Weil / Sara Willadsen