Steve Purdham's "Horse"

Steve Purdham.  Horse.  Archival Pigment Print. 16" x 22.5"

Steve Purdham. Horse. Archival Pigment Print. 16" x 22.5"


Lancaster, PA based artist Steve Purdham explores the lives and interests of the American people:

"In my photographic works, I pay attention to certain classes of the semi-rural American population in search of interesting nuances in their landscapes. My curiosity is raised by scenes that might hint to a more primal human hidden behind a need to stay within social structure. I want to see where an animal instinct, an awakening of the imagination has taken control.

           These photos in Guess We’re Already There are pulled from quiet areas in central Pennsylvania, places with a factor or flavor that might summon a spectacle that is sculptural and symbolic. My hope is that these works offer a ground on which to pose the peculiarities of American people."

You can view more of Purdham's work on his website and Instagram.