Tara Jean's "Retirement On Parade"

Tara Jean. Retirement on Parade. 35mm B/W Photograph. 8"x10".

York artist Tara Jean discusses their series "America Shrugged" and calls to attention the need for human empathy in "Retirement On Parade":

My work in this set, "America Shrugged," depicts the complacency of modern America. Shot on 35mm black and white film, all but one photo was taken during New York's 2013 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade; the final was taken in a bagel shop where I used to work in Montgomery County, PA. It could easily be a New York scene.

While the crowds are exaggerated, it's not too far off the mark for an average day in New York City. While crowding was a much bigger problem on the subway, what astounded me was everyone's near REFUSAL to acknowledge one another....

During the parade, the most comical of scenes kept rolling by. One that got me especially was an older individual in a baby costume. Though his outfit was plain goofy, his look of "merriment" appears to be dead as he throws confetti at the man next to me...

We'll be posting more featured works from this fantastic series, so be sure to catch the rest of "America Shrugged" right here on the blog. Happy Sunday!