Kirby Sybert's "Life in a Box"

  Kirby Sybert.  Life in a Box . Collage and Acrylic on Paper. 11"x 17"  

  Kirby Sybert. Life in a Box. Collage and Acrylic on Paper. 11"x 17"  

Philadelphia artist Kirby Sybert discusses the refurbishing of American culture through "Life in a Box" :

America: the former dreamlike melting pot where anything you conjured up could be accomplished. With its freedom of press, the freedom to vote, freedom to live, freedom to say anything you want, America was the epitome of freedom. These days the freedom seems to be repurposed; we as people seem to be losing our freedoms with the constriction of our modern government and the policies that are changing our American landscape. With my pieces, I'm trying to repurpose words that are already in the zeitgeist of our culture. Words like cult, clout, work, live, fair. I wish to change the idea of these words and creating the idea of how I see this post- 9/11 America, how I see this corporate run government, how I see us as a people surviving under these new "American Dreams" and to discuss these ideas that have created our current American culture.

You can see more of Kirby's work on his tumblr and his instagram.

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