Tara Jean's "Object of Interest"

Tara Jean.  Object of Interest.  35 mm B/W Photograph. 8" x 10".

Tara Jean. Object of Interest. 35 mm B/W Photograph. 8" x 10".

We continue with York based artist, Tara Jean, and their journey with American Shrugged. You can find the first post of their work here

Jean comments on America's lack of human contact, and our addiction to screens with Object of Interest:

"My work in this set, "America Shrugged," depicts the complacency of modern America. Shot on 35mm black and white film, all but one photo was taken during New York's 2013 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade; the final was taken in a bagel shop where I used to work in Montgomery County, PA. It could easily be a New York scene...


Meanwhile, actual children paid no mind. While onlookers lived the moment through their smartphones in "Object of Interest," only one person took any notice of my film. It's interesting what we will we all pay attention to."

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