Jason Orr's "Dawny Bees"

Jason Orr.  Dawny Bees . Acrylic on Canvas. 36" x 48"

Jason Orr. Dawny Bees. Acrylic on Canvas. 36" x 48"

Dallastown, PA, artist, Jason Orr, enchants us by adding a playful, dreamlike quality to the traditional American landscape in Dawny Bees

"Although traditional, landscapes still play a large part in transcending our imaginations and stretch of the imagination, alluding from the status quo in America. In a culture driven by industry, capitalism, and success many of us seek refuge in the beauty of our surroundings and the relationship we still share with nature. In my recent series, I seek to extract this innermost quality with landscapes, and the elation we feel when dancing with it attentively, in its utmost forms. Naturally, everything shares a common “life force,” and it is my searching through each brushstroke that I seek to extrapolate the very significance of what nature poses to us. I choose a high velocity of color, hoping to excite the joyful and playful quality we all share, embedded in the glorified state we can explore when realizing nature's true potential. I hope they are as exciting and filled with life as I felt while painting them!"

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