Joey Simon's "Homespun"

Joey Simon.  Homespun . Oil on Board. 12" x 16".

Joey Simon. Homespun. Oil on Board. 12" x 16".

Joey Simon, a York, PA based artist writes about his piece Homespun: 

"Homespun is about enriching the younger generation.  Word of mouth is how most children learn the important things in life, and this wisdom for living is rarely taught in school except by a bright few teachers who devote their lives to the youth of today.

We need role models in our lives.  We need someone to take us on a nature hike,to throw a ball with us, to teach us about right and wrong, to tell us it's ok to make a mistake or to feel sad or angry.  As kids we need to know why we shouldn't lie or steal or hang out with the wrong crowd, or do drugs. As kids we need encouragement to get good grades and play sports and be a good person.  Many kids today sit inside playing video games, never getting any exercise or adult supervision.  Without this adult supervision they have no way of learning wrong from right.

Homespun is about getting out into nature and appreciating the beauty around you.  It is this getting outside and playing that many kids avoid.  When I was a kid I played outside with the neighbor kids all day long.  We played sports, rode bikes, went fishing-- you name it! We had a lot of fun.  Looking back over the years, I began to notice that these are some of my fondest memories.  I am still in contact with many of my childhood friends.   When we get together nowadays, we share stories of growing up together.  We love to refresh each other's memories of the little details that mean so much.

Are the youth of America getting away from homespun values? Do we need more mothers and fathers, grandmas and grandpas spending time with the younger generation? Absolutely. Disadvantaged youth would benefit greatly by mentor programs. If this painting reminds you of your childhood, then perhaps you should think of some ways to pass your Homespun values to someone that needs them."

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