Anna Millholland's "The Women"

Anna Millholland.  The Women . Mixed Media on Paper. 16" x 12".

Anna Millholland. The Women. Mixed Media on Paper. 16" x 12".

Denver, CO based artist, Anna Millholland, devles into the psyche of American women and their obsession with finding a husband and reality TV with The Women:

"ABC's reality show The Bachelor depicts a grim (and highly watchable) fantasy where women compete to go on a series of lavish dates and, ultimately, win a husband. The show is designed and edited to promote some of America's favorite content - cat fights, commodity fetishism, and, supremely, the idea that a woman is not complete until she is married. "The Women" is based on a photograph of my grandmother and her sisters in a candid moment of joy. Their clothing and hairstyles allude to a time when the antiquated values peddled by The Bachelor were as accepted in reality as they are on the reality show, while their body language intimates a level of sincerity and closeness that is not often seen on American television. The text gleefully details a misandrist dream of what would happen if the women fell in love with each other and decided to just keep kicking it in a tricked out house while fucking with this dude. It is at the opposite end of the crazy spectrum that the show is on, but describes an even more unattainable fantasy."

You can see more of Millholland's work on her website and her instagram.