Michael Cerbone's "Manifest Destiny"

Michael Cerbone.  Manifest Destiny . Acrylic on Canvas. 40.5" x 25".

Michael Cerbone. Manifest Destiny. Acrylic on Canvas. 40.5" x 25".

Boilings Springs, PA based artist, Michael Cerbone, painted a new flag and wrote a "Manifest Destiny" about how being an American does not grant you everything. In his manifest destiny, he continues on: 

“Manifest Destiny represents the status quo of a republic turned empire as it begins to crack.

Our present culture not only expects but demands that Tuesday be “X” better than Monday, Wednesday be “2X” better than Monday and so on. There are to be no interruptions in finance, commerce and technology.

Our present culture has deemed the civic impulse “for someone else to do”.

Our present culture condemns those who have not won the vaginal lottery and holds them responsible for it.

Our present culture laughs at the person who is able do and venerates the person who can only talk.

Our present culture has created a sub-class that fights the wars that we decide will be. The general population does not sacrifice or suffer in the least for this. Nor does it pay attention. Money that we don’t have is spent for this at the expense of those who don’t yet exist.

Our present culture is scared; we look to the future and we do not see a better one. Institutions and policies that we were told would see us through any storm are not delivering the goods. In fact, we never actually believed that they would, but in the past had the privilege of not caring because the unhappy results were happening to other people. (Not white) Now it’s a different story because white people are on the list to be screwed.

Born and nurtured in genocide, slavery, misogyny and constant warfare, the bill will surely be more than we’d like to pay, or are able.”

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