Matthew Clay-Robison's "Police Brutality, 4th of July (Washington DC)"

Matthew Clay-Robison.  Police Brutality, 4th of July (Washington DC) .   Woodcut print. 33" x 40". 

Matthew Clay-Robison. Police Brutality, 4th of July (Washington DC). Woodcut print. 33" x 40". 

One of today's most discussed issues in America is the problem with Police Brutality. Before the age of smartphones and the ability to capture the act of police brutality, York, PA based artist, Matthew Clay-Robison, relied on his artistic talents and sketched his experience. He later would go to this studio to produce this large, in-your-face, woodcut. He continues with this experience:

"The imagery in the large black and white woodcut, Police Brutality, 4th of July, was derived from an experience I had while living in Washington, DC. I had just watched the annual 4th of July celebration on the National Mall and was returning to my apartment when I witnessed a police officer brutally assault an inebriated homeless immigrant. I rushed to stop it while most of the other witnesses, immigrants themselves, kept their distance, aware that they lacked the privilege to confront the police."

Come experience Clay-Robison's print in person, it will certainly stir something inside. Guess We're Already There is only up until August 31st!