Ophelia Chambliss' "Ms. Liberty"

Ophelia Chambliss.  Ms. Liberty.  Oil on Canvas. 20" x 20."

Ophelia Chambliss. Ms. Liberty. Oil on Canvas. 20" x 20."

York, PA based artist, Ophelia Chambliss, discusses the control of power, and how obtains the most in America with her painting, Ms. Liberty:

"Liberty is the power of doing, and to live as one likes. This painting speaks to the issue of liberty for women of color in America. When society speaks of men, they speak of white men. When they speak of women, they speak of white women. When they speak of Blacks, they speak of Black men. Women of color lack priority of liberty, power, and doing as one likes in this society.

The painting is bold, upfront and very personal, a sadness in the eyes, yet a glow on her face. The rainbow of color signifies a representation of all women of color, as I deliberately did not make her shades of brown to reflect just myself.

While expressing a sense of liberty and freedom, which is afforded to American citizens, I chose a square canvas that gives a sense of equal confinement on all sides.

I painted this piece a number of years ago, and as with many of my pieces, they are in response to a situation, an experience, or a need.

While I do not recall the exact circumstances that inspired the piece, I do know that at the time, I was new to Pennsylvania and working with people of different and sometimes foreign cultural backgrounds.

I chose the title of “Ms” Liberty in representation of women both married and single, being afforded the same rights and opportunities as everyone else. In America, liberty is a possibility, a right and a benefit afforded to all of its citizens.

I have not shown this painting in very many shows probably because it’s more of a personal statement, and it didn’t suit many of the calls for works, which aren’t framed around the topic of it’s expression.

Ms. Liberty is the American woman of color."

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