Rachel Preibisch's "America"


Rachel Preisbisch, who currently lives in Seven Valleys, PA, is still a new comer to America. We get her opinion as a "semi-outsider," as she discusses her views with her piece, America:  

"I created this piece during a period of transition, following my move to the United States after 10 years of living abroad. The result is a critical reflection of this multifaceted country through the eyes of a semi-outsider, someone who knew America intimately for part of a lifetime, then for a decade only through international crises, news sources, and vacations. This piece depicts America’s mundane, small town flair as well as the super-sized, caricaturized, and superficial America, the entertaining and comical America and our American love to be entertained. More seriously, America is in a state of flux, and this piece depicts this as well; its natural resources are in danger, its infrastructure is frail, the value of human life here is daily put up for debate, and minority groups live in uncertainty and danger. We are in grave need of afight for change. There are several questions I asked myself while making this piece, which I intend for the piece to evoke: Who are we? What is our culture? Where are we going? What is America’s potential? That last question is important to this piece. There are whimsical depictions in this piece-- depictions of great thought, abundance and beauty, of the past and the present. America is a great country, but with enormous problems. What is America’s potential and how will we attain it? What is our collective priority? This piece depicts the dichotomy of “harmless” American qualities and the destruction going on in our present day America, and thus, perhaps raises a final question: How do our habits, our lives, our apathy, contribute to what America is becoming? I think that this piece presents open-ended questions about America, and that is what I as an artist can contribute to our cultural conversation."

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