Tara Jean's "The Baker"

Tara Jean.  The Baker.  35 mm B/W Photograph. 8" x 10"

Tara Jean. The Baker. 35 mm B/W Photograph. 8" x 10"

The final installment for York, PA based artist, Tara Jean. Their piece, The Baker, discusses the anonymity that the low and lower middle class workers feel: 

"After the parade, my family stopped in at a local deli to grab food. It reminded me a lot of the shop where I used to work. The subject of "The Baker" fit the stereotype of "migrant worker" almost perfectly - right down to being hidden, behind the scenes, behind the product he slaved over for hours to produce before 6am each morning. I know, because I worked the shifts that he didn't.


All five encompass a sort of blind ignorance that has been plaguing the country more and more. Spectacles we see here just don't interest us anymore. Products we start every morning with are taken for granted, their creators, ignored and forgotten. Someday soon, we need to refresh our view and see the marvels we really have in front of us."

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