Connie Rae's "One Perspective"

York based artist, Connie Rae, explores her privileges, her role, and her ideals for America in her piece, One Perspective. In turn with expressing her perspective, she asks viewers to look internally on their own perspective. She continues these thoughts in her statement: 

"I titled this piece “One Perspective” because, after all, isn’t that all that any of us are given?  America is full of people from every corner of the globe, each with their own ethnicity, traditions and experience, so each vantage point produces a different “America”, or at least a different American.  I created a female image with symbols representing the different viewpoints, values, and fears that make up my feelings about this country. The older I get, however, the less impressed I am with what I think about things and the more open I am to hear what others have to say. I am a white, married female who has never been hungry, thirsty, homeless, disabled, uneducated or poor.  I am not an immigrant, a minority or elderly.  Although some women have felt oppressed, abused and discriminated against, that has not been my experience.  My understanding of life comes from a very select and limited compilation of genetics, interactions and opportunities.  How can I be sure that my perspective lends the most authentic, true picture of what America is or should be?

I believe the answer is that I can’t. It takes a community of people full of gifts, talents and insights that when combined yield what God intended.  Oh, yeah-- I believe in Him.  As I struggle with the paradoxes of life -- the beauty, ugliness, generosity, selfishness, love, hate, goodness and evil of this amazing country, I recognize that it is His presence that continues to give it any hope or meaning.  I value freedom (not the dishonest “I can do whatever I want no matter who it hurts” kind of freedom) the most about America, and I’m thankful that every person can pursue faith, ANY faith, here without fear (at least so far)."

Come see Rae's piece, and the rest of the works featured in Guess We're Already There, in person at The Parliament. Show runs until August 30th.