Matthew Clay-Robison's "Greatest Texan Ever "

  Matthew Clay Robison.  Greatest Texan Ever (Republican Jesus) . Woodcut & Silkscreen. 11"x15"

  Matthew Clay Robison. Greatest Texan Ever (Republican Jesus). Woodcut & Silkscreen. 11"x15"

York artist Matthew Clay-Robison discusses serious issues surrounding the intersection of politics and traditional American religiosity in "Greatest Texan Ever":

In the wake of the Supreme Court ruling making marriage available to all adults in the US, many politicians are pandering to Christian voters by pretending that the marriage of conservative political values and Christian values is beyond debate, as if Christians are a monolithic group. They are not. The success of this messaging campaign is why the mainline Christian population is dwindling and atheists are expanding in numbers. The idea for this silkscreen/woodcut came from a friend from Texas whose sister had to give a presentation in school about the greatest Texan ever. She chose Jesus. This tells you a lot about Texans and Christians.