10 Instagram Accounts Worth Following

Our upcoming #exploreogram show is all about adventure, and we're curating it based on Instagram contest entries. Since we've just kicked off the contest, we thought we would dig out 10 Instagram accounts that we LOVE, and that are worth following!

#exploreogram Instagram Contest:

The Parliament wants to get a glimpse into your adventures! Whether that is your adventures searching through your favorite antique store, hiking with your nature-loving dog, or whatever else you can come up with! 

How to enter the contest:

  1. Take a photo of your adventures using Instagram (or as many as you would like!) (old or new photos work)

  2. Post your photo on Instagram and tag it with #exploreogram*

  3. Like your favorite #exploreogram photos to vote - All voting ends on April 14th at 9p.

  4. The Parliament will print the most voted photos on canvas

  5. Check out the exhibit opening for #exploreogram on May 4th and see your favorites in person!

*To enter, your Instagram profile must be set to public or your photos will not show up in the hashtag feed!

Please note that all proceeds from sold artwork will benefit The Parliament Arts Organization and go towards sustaining our bi-monthly gallery shows.

All photos should be posted by April 14th in order to allow for voting! Artists will be notified of acceptance on April 15th. 

Stacy McClain2 Comments