Hello, I'm Kate Harmon! Meet me, I'm new.

The Parliament Arts Organization has been looking for someone to join the team to help with grassroots membership growth, community development and marketing and event logistics. 

Enter ME. Pretty much like this. Sorry Taylor.


I moved to the Hanover area 9 years ago to work for the newspaper and have been in York for the last 5 years or so. I definitely thought York would be a 2-3 year stop for me on the way to somewhere else, but you all probably know the pull this town has. 

You can often find me downtown, helping out at beer and wine festivals, or running the giant Labor Day Sunday food truck event - What the Food Trucks. I'm passionate about York, family, friends and Parkinson's research - as my father has Parkinson's and we've been raising money for the past 8 years for The Michael J. Fox Foundation.

I'm ready to dive into all things arts and The Parliament as we look at growing our memberships, continuing to run kick-ass events in York, bring people into town to experience the arts and support our local artists. 

Other than that, here's the boring stuff:

  • Kate Harmon is a former newspaper reporter and editor with nine years’ experience in content, editing, and social media. 
  • She is co-owner of Working Progress, a business that partners with other organizations to provide creative, media and event services with the option of bringing them in-house.
  • She is very active with CrocodileDog Marketing, which has been running successful beer and wine events in the region for 10 years - including Yorktoberfest, Taste of Pennsylvania and their newest endeavor - What the Food Trucks, the Labor Day Sunday food truck festival that brings in more than 12,000 people to York's Penn Park. 
  • She also sits on rabbittransit's 3P Ride initiative as the marketing committee chair improving shared ride accessibility for the aging and disabled. 
  • She also has several years’ experience in nonprofit fundraising and event planning in Pennsylvania and Florida.