Brittany “Brittany Nicole” Dorm, born in York, PA, started modeling at a young age. Landing the cover of Child Magazine with her father 1999, she was kind of “born into it”. She was signed to the Wilhelmina Models Agency and got the opportunity to model for such brands as The Bon Ton, Strawbridge & Clothier, Macy’s and more. Upon being on sets, Brittany learned to appreciate the aspects of being behind the scenes and developed a love for the camera. She was given her first film camera in the 5th grade, where she started with pictures of nature, animals & food (before Instagram existed). Her experience with modeling has given her an advantage in photography, as she is aware of what it takes to get the shot and knows what will sell the product. 

“You can’t shoot everyone the same. Different angles and lighting conditions compliment different body types and tones. It’s important to recognize the uniqueness in your subjects and know how to adapt to bring out the best results.” 

 — Brittany Nicole

Brittany has lived in New York, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Maryland where she graduated from UMBC with Honors, Cum Laude. Obtaining her Bachelor of Arts degree in Photography with a 3.605 GPA. She gears her work towards the Fashion/Commercial industry, but creatively also shoots weddings, events, and other genres. She is now located back in York, PA where she will assist with Model/Talent Development.