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Opening Night:  November 4th6pm-9pm.

Show Runs: November 4th - December 27th

Location: The Parliament, 116 E. King St, York, PA

The Parliament asked Artists to show how they use typography as an artistic expression. Expect to see any version of typography; from hand-drawn, to painted, to sculpted and even graphic design work.. we want to show it all! We also have prints available as well in time for the holiday season (they make great gifts!). 

Join us for our Opening Reception on November 4th. Light refreshments will be served.

For additional information contact our Programs Director, Stacy McClain at or go to

Andrius Polonikas | York, PA
Anya Felch | York, PA
Austin Fitz | Baltimore, MD
Danica Egan | Lancaster, PA
Jess Georg | York, PA

Jesus Rosario | Lancaster, PA
Joshua Weber | Wrightsville, PA
Katy Bloom | Harrisburg, PA
Linda Dissinger | York, PA
Lucky Budgie | Hastings, UK
Melanie Rodgers | York, PA

Michelle Lombardo | York, PA
Paisley Dog Letterpress | Reading, PA
Pioneer House | Knoxville, TN
Ross Tyger | York, PA
Sally Anne Morgan | Asheville, NC
Troy Patterson | York, PA
Zach Rupert | York, PA