Urban Landscape, yellow by Eliana posey

Urban Landscape, yellow by Eliana posey

Juried Show: July 6 - August 14

Parliament Arts Organization invited both emerging artists and professional artist to enter into our first juried show. The goal of the show is to bring a fresh perspective of contemporary art to the area and to give the artist the freedom to enter a piece(s) that best represents their talent. Artists were free to choose any subject matter they wish. 

The juror, Jeremy Waak is an sculptor and professor at PCA&D.

1st Place - Dillion Samuelson - Blur I
2nd Place - Anita Williams - Phoenix
3rd Place - Chad Whitaker - Untitled
Honorable Mention - Elaina Posey - Urban Landscape, Yellow

Dillion samuelson,  blur

Dillion samuelson, blur

Chad Whitaker,  Untitled

Chad Whitaker, Untitled

Anita Williams,  phoenix

Anita Williams, phoenix

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Past Exhibits

Artwork by josh chance

Artwork by josh chance

"Maker's Markdown"

Dates of show: 11/2/16 - 12/29/16

For The Parliament’s November/December exhibit, we invited artists to showcase lost treasures. Did you miss a chance to purchase a piece from past shows? Now's your chance to pick up an old favorite or view never before displayed pieces of all mediums.

Exhibit Artists: Annelise Vuono, Darin Potts, Douglas Shunk, Ellie Freund, Garrett Moore, Joan Concilio, Josh Chance, Laura Romberger, Matt Deterior, Ryan La, Sam E. Deveney, Sarah Liles, SPEEDEE, Stephanie Holmes, Terri Yacovelli, Theresa DeSalvio, and ZeeLinda Dissinger.

Installation by katrina funk

Installation by katrina funk

"Specific Objects"

Dates of show: 8/24/16 - 10/29/16

More than 50 years ago, famous Minimalist artist Donald Judd created a manifesto-like essay entitled “Specific Objects." Here Judd introduced the idea of a new kind of art that was “neither painting nor sculpture,” turning focus to the pure form of the object and the space it occupies and creates. This essay described a new vision for American art and transformed Donald Judd’s work. "Specific Objects” inspired a new breed of American artists.

The Parliament Arts Organization recently commissioned three artists to study the essay and generate their own unique interpretations of “Specific Objects."  We're very excited to see how these very talented artists bring the central ideas of Judd’s manifesto to their own unique installations. Featured artists are Rita Whitney, Dillion Samuelson, and Katrina Funk.

Featured Artists:
Rita Whitney, Dillon Samuelson and Katrina Funk

This program is made possible by the Cultural Alliance of York County

Read the essay 

"Calm Chaos"

"Crazy like a fox" by April armistead

"Crazy like a fox" by April armistead

Dates of show: 12/30/15 - 02/27/16

The Parliament wants to see your artistic take on either the calm, the chaotic, or even a mix of the two. 

Featured Artists:
Angeline Beres, April Armistead, Becky Kehrwald, Blair Atherholt, Chelsey Reisinger, Christian Brook Ramsey, Cristina Labo, Curtis McClain, Devan Martin, Dillon Samuelson, Elaina Posey, Gabrielle Wolfe, Jackie Cassidy, James E. Tompkins, Jason Langheine, Joan Concilio, Jordan Heidler, Kimberly Hull, Lisa Tayerle, Midori Okuyama, Nolwenn Petitbois, Octavia Beard, Patrick Niebrugge, Rachael Scott, Sam Deveney, Sarah Otto, Sean Doll, Stacey Duckworth, Susan McDaniel and ZeeLinda Dissinger


Dates of show: 5/4/16 - 6/25/16

The Parliament is proud to present Exploreogram, a curated show based on Instagram’s sharing concept, the utilization of the hashtag, and the spirit of the wanderlust.

Come and immerse yourself in different perspectives as we celebrate 20 photographs with large canvas prints, handpicked by Michael P. Poster of LSC Design and Parliament board member. We’ll also be showcasing over 600 submitted photos in our illuminated, Light Bar, loaned by the Susquehanna Art Museum! All 600 showcased photos will be available for purchase as well! 

Featured Artists: 
@mandalou2 @medmo @missmommynicenice @0abigailnightingale0 @zachheatonphoto @shennelmedia @cindylouwhonot @clairioandretti @corb17402 @stockwell @kingjaners @lkslapsem @newjoysey @nicoleelyce @tayylornoel @tuesdaycafe @eposeyphoto @johncbobby @k3vanz @katmaephotography @dkhbrgr @emma.nolin @crhstudio @sweetd.e @annamarcell @livstizzy @jmie_lyn @skatesharmon @novanouveau @gailgcrone @chapdawg09 @hotjamfactory @jessicaweikert @jmie_lyn @stargirl2779 @neil_diemond @craught @punkrockrevs @artc_creative @trinitywalkerkeefer @chelster306 @taylorslusserphotography @aniabecker @greatwallofchynaa @emma.molin @esquireeats @newphehj @valentinepaige @reneellisdsgns @litlolivspoon @phaila @rscottartistphoto @lisanguyen_1023 @sethnestiel @erino232 @ssms343 @tanner.albright @maya.lyn @zaczimmstagram @myhometheworld @elaina_posey @rmd183


"Broken Identity XI" by carlie sherry

"Broken Identity XI" by carlie sherry

Dates of show: 03/2/16 - 04/30/16

For The Parliament’s March / April exhibit, we invited artists to give us a glimpse of self reflection through artwork. Whether that be a self portrait, abstract painting, or a sculpture.

Featured Artists:
Annalisa Gojmerac, Beth Fowler, Carlie Sherry, Christopher Malmberg, Danielle Yagodich, Darin Potts, Joaquin Calles Guzman, John Stump, Kara Oldenburg-Gonzales, Kayla Ackelson, Leah Limpert Walt, Lisa Aerianna Tayerle, Matthew Walthes, Meghan Morrison, Patricia Teller, Rachael Scott, Rainbow Eliza Ross, Sam Deveney and more.

"Mapping York"

Dates of show: 6/29/16 - 7/29/16

Art is putting York back on the map, so we want to see your homage to the City! Whether it’s typography of the latitude and longitude, a detailed birds eye view, or specific intricacies of the city, what happens when YOU start mappin’ York? 

Featured Artists:
Annelise Vuono, Anonymous, Barbara Wilke, Brian Jerome, Christopher Malmberg, Colleen Dwyer, Danielle Hoet Stehman, Emily White, Eric Fink, Freddie Graves, James Hively, Jessica Lapano, Thomas White and Zachary Rupert


"Prison Art"

Dates of show: 5/5/17 - 6/30/17

This year we are collaborating with the York County Prison system to create a Prison Art exhibit containing new art created by current inmates at the York County Prison.  The goal is to bring the artwork of incarcerated artists into the public realm in order to humanize prisoners, break stereotypes and create dialogue about incarceration.

The artwork from York County Prison inmates was up for auction to the public. All proceeds were split between The PAO and the Prisoners' fund.

Featured artists include: Steven Cochran II, Jeffrey Conrad, Jr., Da'Marco Cooper, Kelley Gibson, Steven Howell, Trev Jackson, Joslyn Kutsch, Hijaz Latif, Christopher MaGee, Katie Martin, Alberto Martinez-Nieto, Bryan Perry, Jennifer Pickett, Alicia Ryder, Jermaine Sanders, Brian Stence, David Ventura, Damien Wardlow, Brad Warner, Dereese Williams, Stephen Williams

"Brewed Beauty"

Dates of show: 3/3/17 - 4/29/17

Dating back to Ancient Egypt, humans have made beer. Over the centuries, humans have perfected beer making from fermented, water-soaked bread into a grain-brewing artistry that has produced the many breweries and tasty beer varieties we have today. 

Whether one prefers top fermenting ales or bottom fermenting lagers, it can be agreed amongst all that beer is a beautiful thing. In celebration of beer, all works in the exhibit are made out of beer and/or beer accoutrements. 

Featured artists include: Alex Rudisill, Alexandra Stambaugh, Amanda Faye Wilson, Amanda Strickler, Amy Powell, Andrius Polonikas, Anthony Machcinski, Austin Lord, Brandon Schlosser, Cody Bannon, Dana Gause, James Vance, Jim Howard, Matthew Davis, Meghan Shaffer, Meisa Chase, Michael Snowadzsky, Phil Sieradzan, Renee Ellis, Shawn Adomanis, and Zachary Rupert.

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 12.39.54 PM.png

Becoming: New works by Justin Ruby

Oct. 6th-31st

As a promotional event for this years York Community Art Scholars Exhibition, The Parliament Arts Org. in conjunction with Marketview Arts is pleased to bring you "Becoming", the second solo exhibition by former YCASE artist Justin Ruby.  

Becoming will feature new works from Justin that have been produce since his participation in YCASE 2016.

Mash Ups

Nov. 3-Dec. 31

"Mash Ups" is a thought-provoking look at artwork with deconstruction and reconstruction themes. Portraits, sculptures, landscapes and more! 

Featured artists include: Thomas White, George Tatlas, Ted Walke, Cody Bannon, Richard Babusci, Erik Bevin, Traci Tilson, Carlie Sherry, Chad Whitaker, JC Ayala, Emily White, Ashley Boyer, Jo Diodato, Ryan Hartley, Zeelinda Dissinger, Johannes Boland



Street Art

Feb. 17-April 2

Sprocket Mural Works believe that art can change the face of a city. And after six murals popped up in York's Royal Square District over Memorial Day weekend 2017, we think it's safe to say it's changed the face of our arts-focused neighborhood.

See the work of some of the artists behind the RS murals on a slightly smaller scale - our walls. 

We will be featuring the work of:
Chelsea Foster
Andita Maria
Duane Gavins Jr.
Jeff Copus - co-founder of Sprocket Mural Works
Megan Caruso - co-founder of Sprocket Mural Works

Eyes on the World

Jan. 5 - Feb. 12

The world we live in is a complicated place filled with tragic events, natural disasters, social issues, and complex political topics. Much of the world’s greatest art has come out of a reaction to current events.

Featured artists include: Matthew Apol, Erik Bevin, Maurice Butler, Beth Fowler, Becca Gohn, Maryel Henderson, Liette Monic, Bryan Murch, Katy Newton, Julya Nichols, Debi Peters, Carol Radsprecher, Traci Tilson, Donna Welsh, Terri Yacovelli


Poetic Art

Dates of show: April 6-May 12

What happens when you pair 30 artists with 30 poets and leave them to create? Come see what they've done for our six-week show starting April First Friday. 

Grab a binder of poems or view it on your phone, and match up the poems with the works on the wall. 

Opening reception is April 6, 5-9 p.m. with snacks and drinks.

Tess Becket, Adrian Brown, Carla Christopher, Carol Clark Williams, Ashley Coady, Jared Conti, Javier Cotal, Dan Danner, Terri Durden, Madeline Geiman, Vito Grippi, Angelia Izarry Hunter, Ikysha Jones, Josue Laboy, Missi McLaren Ritter, Eshu Nkuyu, Robert Poff, Julie Purcell, Towhyi Raw, Deby Rinehart, Kelsi Rose, Sage Seeley, 
Amy Sipe, Lexi Spino, Gingey St. Clair, Kara Valore, Winde Washington Nnochirionye,
Donna Welsh, Laile Wilson

AnaLisia Salcedo, Joshua Weber, Jeremy Miller, Rhiannon Harbold, Rita Whitney,  Donna Welsh, Carla Long, Jason Langheine, Missi McLaren Ritter, Rebecca Shaffer,
Jim Galiardi, Renee Ellis, Lovie Rineholt Price, Debi Peters, Chelsea Seeley, J.E. Crum, Traci Tilson, Arielle Kidhardt, Anthony Machinski, Barbara DeCesare, Raine Valentine, Sarah Liles, Brian Friedland, Sandra Grippi, Brent Cummings, Emily White,
Savannah Schroll Guz, Alison Liebgott, Andi Simpson