May 6th - June 1st

The Parliament Arts Organization features a rotating gallery that showcases local and regional artists.

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Kyle Meadows is a musician & artist who primarily focuses on abstract acrylic & water color paintings. He grew up loving classic cartoons and would always doodle on any piece of paper he could find. Often times drawing the cartoon characters he’d see on tv such as Daffy Duck, bugs bunny and other looney tunes characters. As he gold older he began to take an interest in more imaginative drawings and expressing himself with the colors of crayons and markers. All throughout middle school and most of high school, he kept his art and music a secret from most friends and family because of adolescent insecurities and not having enough confidence. But as high school ended he began to share his art with friends and family, most of which were very supportive. Always alternating his time between art and music, he has since released 6 records all of which are available on most streaming platforms and has developed his own unique artistic style which he is known for. He has many more artistic and musical projects in the works, so feel free to subscribe and follow him on social media to stay up to date.

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