Pop-Up Gallery Submissions

Submissions for Pop-Up Gallery installations are always being accepted. If you are interested in submitting your design to our committee, please read through the rules and information before filling out the form below. Please contact Stacy McClain with any additional questions, Stacy@ParliamentYork.Org.

What We're Looking For:

The Parliament is seeking artists to submit a three-dimensional concept for a window display in Downtown York. We are asking that interested artists submit a sketch (it doesn’t have to be overly fancy or complicated), and a short write-up on your idea for the window. The sky is the limit as far as ideas go, we are looking to really liven up these buildings! 

Your Design Should:

  • Completely transform the space (more than just setting up easels with paintings)
  • Cover the entire space of the window, hiding the interior of the building in a thoughtful way
  • Be able to stay intact for three months
  • Be universally friendly for the public, not controversial in any way
  • Be bright, colorful and eye catching. We want to bring beauty into these unused buildings and attract the public to general upswing of the arts in York
  • When thinking about ideas for the windows, keep in mind that the windows in some buildings get direct sunlight, and materials that are not color-fast will fade over the course of three months. Also, these are old buildings which have been empty for a long time, and it will be at the artists' own risk to enter

Operation Guidelines/Artist Responsibilities:

  • Artists will submit a drawing of their proposal for review and acceptance with a statement/ description of their idea 
  • Artists will pay for all their own materials
  • Artists will install their own work
  • Artist should be in communication with The Parliament, Pop Up Gallery Committee about any necessary maintenance on or changes to the display, and fix any problems in a timely manner
  • Installation should cover the entire space of the window and hide the interior of the building in a thoughtful way
  • Artists will have 2 weeks to install the window, and will have a key to their building for the duration of that time period

Gallery Responsibilities:

  • The Parliament, Pop Up Gallery Committee will aid with lighting, and pay for electricity to keep the displays visible at night
  • The Parliament, Pop Up Gallery Committee will ensure that any materials in the installation are covered by building insurance
  • The Parliament, Pop Up Gallery Committee will take care of basic signage for the window including but not limited to: Artist name and installation title in vinyl lettering and logo of the project.

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Please send all drawings and attachments to Stacy@ParliamentYork.Org