Spring Forward 2017

Temporary Art Installations

The Parliament Arts Organization is seeking artists and creatives for a spring & industry themed temporary art installation to be revealed at our Spring Forward event on June 3, 2017.

The objective is to showcase eight artists through immersive art installations that capture the audience while highlighting our sponsor's industries.

Installation Details:

  • The Installation must be an exploration into one of our sponsors’ industries, if you were invited to participate review the invitation email to see what industry and sponsor you have been selected for. 

  • The Installation must provide a total transformation of a 10x10 Space.

  • The Installation must incorporate three-dimensional objects and design elements that reference spring and the sponsor’s industry in a way that is fun and a unique experience for our audience!

  • The installation needs to be removable, and cannot damage the venue.

  • The installation needs to thoughtfully include room for a model. This year we're choosing models that break the boundaries of society's traditional standards of beauty. Using people of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, abilities, and orientations, giving them a night to shine. Devon Shiling of Didi and Smiling John's has joined our Spring Forward event team this year - she will be leading model selection and hair/ makeup direction.

Budget & Timeline

  • Artist's will be compensated $750. 50% paid upfront upon selection, 50% paid on the day of the event (June 3, 2017)

  • If the installation includes artwork for sale, it is subject to 25% commission.

  • All installations will have five days inside the venue for setup. We recommend they are created in advance and in a removable way that can put together on site.You will be able to keep this installation after it is displayed.

  • Artists are responsible for their own lighting.

  • Artists are responsible for transporting their work.

  • All artists exhibit at their own risk; a waiver will be provided.

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