Our shows challenge artists to develop their craft & attract local buyers. 


#Exploreogram Exhibit
 May 4th - June 25th

This exhibit showcases over 600 photos from all over the world, entirely curated through Instagram. The photos will be printed and illuminated on three light bars throughout the gallery. 
 ** Photo Credit Abigail Nightingale


We host renowned events to attract the masses.


Summer Art Market
July 30 - July 31, 2016

An indoor and outdoor family friendly festival featuring over 90 of our favorite artists and artisans from the east coast along with food trucks, live music, interactive activities and much more! This event is presented by The Cultural Alliance, LSC Design, Fulton Bank and Brockie Healthcare.

Shop & Sip

We've lead the way for 17 new businesses to open shop. Explore them!

Royal Square District
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Royal Square District is a block behind City Hall and lies within the "royal" intersecting blocks of York which consists of: King, Queen, Duke and Princess Streets

The neighborhood has experienced a revitalization and emerged as a refreshing change in the way we look at our city blocks. Come explore the galleries, shops and more that Royal Square has to offer!