Our shows challenge artists to develop their craft & attract local buyers. 

"Perfect Strangers" by Annelise Marie Vuono

"Brewed Beauty"
Now - April 29

Humans have made beer since Ancient Egypt, perfecting the art from fermented, water-soaked  bread to the modern grain-brewing artistry that we know today. Whether one prefers top-fermenting ales or bottom-fermenting lagers, most can agree that beer is a beautiful thing. 


We host renowned events to attract the masses.

Spring Forward
June 3, 7-11 p.m.

Nine area artists are creating immersive art installations that incorporate three-dimensional objects and design elements that bring art and fashion to life. When you enter the event, you become a part of the living, breathing masterpiece that is Spring Forward.

It’s art meets fashion meets party and it’s a night you won’t soon forget. 

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Royal Square District
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Royal Square District is a block behind City Hall and lies within the "royal" intersecting blocks of York which consists of: King, Queen, Duke and Princess Streets