Our shows challenge artists to develop their craft & attract local buyers. 


#Exploreogram Exhibit, May 4th 7-9pm

This exhibit showcases over 600 photos from all over the world, entirely curated through Instagram. The photos will be printed and illuminated on three light bars throughout the gallery. 
 ** Photo Credit Abigail Nightingale


We host renowned events to attract the masses.


Spring Forward, May 20th
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A Spectacle of Art, Fashion & Indulgence
Open Bar, Killer Food, Dance Party

Eight area artists are partnering with downtown York retailers to create immersive art installations that incorporate three-dimensional objects and design elements that bring the art and fashion to life. 

Shop & Sip

We've lead the way for 17 new businesses to open shop. Explore them!

Royal Square District
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Royal Square District is a block behind City Hall and lies within the "royal" intersecting blocks of York which consists of: King, Queen, Duke and Princess Streets

The neighborhood has experienced a revitalization and emerged as a refreshing change in the way we look at our city blocks. Come explore the galleries, shops and more that Royal Square has to offer!