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About Us


Our Mission

The Parliament Arts Organization’s mission is to inspire innovation, collaboration, and creativity through the arts, positively impacting the local economy and building a sustainable creative community in York County. 

The Parliament Arts Organization is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible.

Our Vision

To become the destination for inspired art and arts experiences, creating a sustainable economic environment for local artists and artisans in York County.

What do we do?

We are often asked what exactly our organization does. To answer this question simply, we exist to build a more resilient community and economy through the development, support, and promotion of local artists and artisans in Royal Square and the adjacent Central Business District. We are here to change everything with art!

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Our Story

Once a simple residential area, the stretch of 100 East King Street has since become an energetic haven of innovation and talent in York City thanks to the efforts of The Parliament Arts Organization.

The Parliament was established to showcase the craftsmanship and potential of local artists who have difficulties finding opportunities to do so elsewhere. With support from friends, family, and community, the former residents of a townhouse on East King Street converted their home into a shared space to form The Parliament, a non-profit arts collective.

Within a year, droves of patrons began to frequent the space, bringing with them excitement and new life to a once struggling part of the city. The Parliament quickly became York’s advocate for talented and overlooked creative professionals.

The Parliament’s success provided an avenue for other storefronts and businesses to open in the neighborhood, from studios to galleries, boutiques, restaurants, and 15+ hand-painted murals on the surrounding buildings.

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Board Members

Cal Weary - President Emeritus, Weary Arts Group

Jamiel Alexander, E5 Enterprises

Taylor Baublitz, CGA Law Firm

Hannah Beard, Downtown Inc.

Dr. Peter Bottros, The Shine Foundation

Matthew Lane, WellSpan Health

Jesse Landis, Assorted Studios

Sharee McFadden, City of York

Devon Myers, CGA Law Firm

Breanna Shorten, LUMI Creative

Corey Wolfe, Community Advocate & Volunteer

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