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Amasa Sweeney


Artist | Digital Artist | Apparel Designer​

Amasa Sweeney is the founder, owner and sole operator of Pluto Mas. As the artist behind the brand, he designs graphic apparel and reenvisioned retro products. Some products are vintage jackets and radios and has appeared numerous pop ups from Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania,up to New Jersey, out in Las Vegas and the District of Colombia. Through his art, he aims to ignite the creativity in others while delivering positive messages. In 2020 he rediscovered his passion for art and experienced how it significantly helped him improve his mental health. With this knowledge, he decided to share his talents with the world. Amasa, draws inspiration from nature as he loves to draw while out on trails, the beach or simply on a sunny day. He is also inspired by nostalgic anime and Hip Hop. Yet his biggest inspiration is his son, Amasa Jr. Based in Central Pennsylvania, he is currently an artist-in-residence at the Parliament Arts Organization in York Pa growing his expertise in his field.

Amasa Sweeney
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